Fantasy BL Web Comic 'Spiritpact' Gets TV Anime Adaptation for Winter 2017

An official website by Haoliner Animation League has been launched and announced that web comic Spiritpact will get a TV anime adaptation. It will start on January 7, 2017 9:00 p.m. via Tokyo MX.

Heir of an old famous family of exorcist, Keika You is stricken by poverty after losing his parents and he had to struggle as a street fortune teller and as a computer recovery part timer to earn money. One night in a junkyard, he met the mysterious yet charismatic exorcist, Ki Tanmoku who was fighting an evil spirit. This encounter was the beginning of a fated story for Keika You. Unfortunately for him, he was hit by a car and became a ghost. That's where, the handsome exorcist Ki appeared and asked Keika to make "a pact" with him to fight evil spirits together. Here starts the friendship of our heroes! (Source: ANN, edited)

Keika You: Yuuichi Iguchi (Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru)
Ki Tanmoku: Shunsuke Takeuchi (Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season)
Shiyou Shin: Rumi Ookubo (Yuru Yuri)

Director: Haolin Li
Producer: Yunkang Tang
Script: Reiko Torii
Sound Director: Koichi Iizuka 
Sound Producer: Michiyoshi Minamizawa, Kenji Beppu
Sound Production Manager: Rintaro Yoneya 
Sound Production: Half H.P Studio
Studio: Emon

Spiritpact is a fantasy Chinese web comic that describes a friendship that surpasses life and death by Pingzi. Originally titled Ling qi, it has been serialized on Tencent Animation & Comics, and currently have 163 chapters released as of today. It is popular among female fans. An ONA series was just released this Summer.


Official site: (Open on December 23, 2016)
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Source: Nico News